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47% reduction to labour & $220,500 increase to Revenue over 6 months with AI Technology & Web3 Platform Development.

Client: Kink Management

Industry: Adult Entertainment, Talent Agency & Management

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Kink Management, and talent agency, wished to revolutionize the modern demimondaine’s digital navigation, aiming to combine talent management, privacy-enhancing solutions, and innovative technologies into a comprehensive platform. Additionally, there was an express need to reduce their labour costs, an aspect that could be addressed through efficient AI software integration. Thus, the challenge was twofold – first, to design and develop a user-friendly website integrating Web3 and blockchain technology while maintaining high security and privacy standards; second, to implement AI solutions that could streamline operations, decrease labour, and boost revenue.


Our team undertook a dual approach, focusing on crafting an industry-specific platform and optimizing labour efficiency via AI software.

Web Design and Development: The website created was visually compelling, intuitive, and reflective of the agency’s brand identity. We ensured its design was engaging, immersive and optimized for cross-device compatibility.

Talent Management System: Alongside a robust talent management system with features like talent profiles, contract management, and brand collaborations, we integrated an AI system designed to optimize labour by automating repetitive tasks. This led to a significant reduction in labour costs.

Privacy-Enhancing Solutions: Recognising the unique privacy concerns in this sector, we incorporated advanced privacy-enhancing solutions like encrypted communication channels, secure data storage, and branded, yet anonymous payment options using Web3 and blockchain technologies.

Web3 and Blockchain Integration: Our seamless integration of these technologies facilitated features like branded crypto wallets, secure digital transactions, and decentralised storage options.

AI Software Integration: The key to reducing labour was our tailored AI solution. The software automated various agency tasks, allowing the team to focus on higher-level strategic decisions, thereby improving efficiency and reducing costs.


Our collaboration resulted in a transformative platform revolutionizing the modern demimondaine’s digital operations. The inclusion of AI software not only streamlined operations but also reduced labour by 47%, resulting in improved net revenue of $220,500 over six months.

The platform has received positive feedback, particularly for its sleek design, intuitive user experience, innovative technology, and labour-optimising AI integration. Clients report increased efficiency, improved collaborations, and enhanced privacy, further establishing the agency as an industry pioneer.


This case study exemplifies our ability to deliver innovation, prioritize privacy, security, and provide customized solutions addressing specific industry needs. Through our collaboration, we delivered a platform empowering the modern demimondaine while significantly reducing labour costs. The integration of AI software further propelled the agency’s growth, setting new industry benchmarks and showcasing our dedication to providing solutions that drive client success in their respective industries.

Dennon Clamp

Dennon has had a successful career in marketing and advertising that spans over 15 years. With many international awards, he has also started and sold previous start-ups to larger organisations. Dennon is passionate about helping businesses achieve their marketing goals and has a proven track record of increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, and generating leads.