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Business Intelligence and Its Importance Towards Ecommerce

Business Intelligence (BI) is an increasingly important tool in the eCommerce world. It is a set of techniques and technologies used to collect, analyse, store, and present data in meaningful ways. With the help of BI, businesses can gain valuable insights from their data and use them to improve their products, services, and overall customer experience.

What Kind of Information Can an Online Shop Expect to Acquire through Business Intelligence?

  • The success of marketing initiatives, particularly when it comes to spending on paid actions and commercials.
  • The effectiveness of your eCommerce website and its navigation, whether or not the user experience is satisfactory, and which aspects may be driving customers to leave and not complete their purchases.
  • Analysing market trends is essential, as other ineffective products in your catalogue might be a direct drain on sales.
  • The identification of distinct groups of customers on the basis of their preferences and steps taken during the purchasing process. This paves the way for more targeted website visits, retargeting efforts, and other marketing endeavours.
  • The difficulty of the buying process and the challenges your clients encounter are two factors that could explain customer retention rates.

Instruments for Conducting the Analyses of Your Company’s Business Information

In order to measure the business intelligence of your online store, you do not need to use complicated tools. Even if you only use Google Analytics and the indicators included in most eCommerce platforms, you may still collect enough information to analyse the success of your business.

Business intelligence software gathers, evaluates, and reports on your business information and big data if you want a more complex or, more importantly, automated study.

Since, for instance, delays in shipments and errors in shipments may be producing high rates of returns and discontent, you may be able to automate the pricing comparison as well as the activities of your competition, keywords, and the behaviours of your buyers with this type of compliment.

That said, among the most useful business intelligence tools available are the following:

a) Looker

It is a service that is part of Google Cloud, and as a result, the interface is extremely similar to that of other Google analytics tools, making it very easy to use. It provides real-time dashboards and interfaces to a variety of cloud databases, making integration simple from a single platform.

b) Magento Business Intelligence

Clearly geared for Magento customers and users. Suppose you host your online store on this platform. In that case, you may find that integrating a variety of cloud-based analytical services, such as Advertising, Analytics, Facebook Ads, Mailchimp, and so on, is a terrific addition to the cloud-based experience. It provides graphical panels for improved data analysis and the ability to receive individualised reports.

c) Power BI

This company-wide access to essential data is the goal of Microsoft’s business intelligence product. Its most prominent features include the capacity for artificial intelligence, interaction with Excel, and encryption, which together ensure that your data consultation is always carried out in a risk-free environment.


Overall, analysing your data can improve the efficiency of your campaigns, predict future abandonment difficulties, and raise your sales. You can accomplish this by developing an in-house Business Intelligence study or by using a specialised system.

Transform your online store into a higher-quality intelligence centre with regard to the information offered to your customers as well as the information acquired from them.

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