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Web3 & AI Marketing Trends in 2023: Things to Know

As technology continues to evolve, the business landscape is changing with it. In 2023, the business world will be far more connected and decentralised than ever, thanks to the emergence of Web3. Web3 is powered by blockchain technology and provides businesses with an immutable and secure platform for data storage, communication, and transactions.

In this article, we’ll explore the top Web3 business trends for 2023, as predicted by industry experts, the potential of web3/ai technology integration, and how your business can leverage it to stay competitive.

AI-Supported Web3 Asset and World-Building

In this office in the second half of 2022, AI predominated many conversations, but I was particularly interested in its potential effects on NFTs. Therefore, my top recommendations for Web3 commercial improvements in 2023 are NFTs and AI.

Creators will incorporate AI into their creations to improve storytelling. Graphic books, quick movies, and even multiplayer mini-games will be the most popular works of the day. Think about how your favourite NFT would change as you advanced in the game or interacted with other collectors in the social mini-games.

AI will assist in game development and provide the necessary components for the artist’s distinctive aesthetic. Instead of needing to complete it over months or even years, it may now be able to do so in a fraction of the time it would have previously required.

Making NFTs Is Now Straightforward

Thanks to the construction of an open-source solution, the conception and introduction of NFT activities will be extremely simple in 2023. The barriers that stop individuals from beginning NFTs will be eliminated. It will be the “WordPress” moment for the Web3 sector. No smart contract manufacturers. No requirement for pricey consultants. No headaches. Not an issue. Open standards will make it easy to use and entirely interoperable.

Like WordPress encouraged widespread invention by enabling anybody to upload anything and bringing millions of publishers online, this technical development will also encourage similar creativity in other fields. It will have an open architecture, similar to WordPress, allowing third-party programs to add features and functionality to NFT collections.

Then, businesspeople and artists will create thousands of entirely new NFT applications. The foundation of Web3 will be this new technology, which will be freely accessible to all users. Whoever is developing this technology will undoubtedly materialise soon because it is urgently required.

Blockchain and AI technologies Support Business Innovation

One of the most exciting growths in this area is the combination of Web3 technology and AI. Chatbots and virtual assistants driven by artificial intelligence will make it easier for businesses to interact with their customers by employing machine learning and natural language processing. 

With the help of AI marketing or AI-powered recommendation engines, users can discover new goods, services, and businesses they previously lacked the confidence or capacity to create.

Think about using a chatbot to trade stocks or write code for you. Most engineers have already given this a shot.

More internal, client-facing, middle-man, widely owned digital computer nodes with decision-making capabilities will be introduced as Web3 develops. Think about having a personal minicomputer that purchases goods from Amazon while you’re sleeping and then uses the data to run a drop-shipping company or a company that buys assets for the metaverse.


Web3 business trends are set to be a major focus for the next few years, with experts predicting that the industry will see a massive shift from traditional web-based services to decentralised applications and protocols. The combination of blockchain technology, new protocols, and increased user demand for privacy and security will majorly impact how businesses operate. 

Companies will need to stay ahead of these trends to remain competitive, and investing in the right technology now will help them stay ahead of the curve. Web 3.0 marketing and business trends are expected to become more common, and businesses should be prepared to take advantage of these developments.

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