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Reduced labour by 95% equating in extra $118,000 of revenue over 6 months. Reduced fraud in Thai communities with Smart Contracts & Blockchain.

Client: Thai Dowry Foundation

Industry: Marriage, Data Collection, Non-for-profit

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The Thai Dowry Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to revolutionizing Thailand’s traditional dowry and bride price practices. They aim to foster safety and transparency while curbing abuse and fraud, particularly in rural communities that depend on these traditions​.

However, the foundation was facing several challenges. Despite their strict regulatory adherence, instances of fraud and abuse persisted, and the integrity of the dowry and bride price tradition was under threat. Furthermore, the foundation needed to ensure that the dowry negotiation process remained fair and respectful for all parties involved​, moving from their manual operations so something more automated with AI software.


Kendell & York partnered with the Thai Dowry Foundation to develop a blockchain-based platform and custom AI software to address these challenges. The platform allowed for secure and transparent registration of dowry items, ensuring that all transactions were traceable and immutable, thereby significantly reducing the potential for fraud.

In addition to the blockchain platform, Kendell & York implemented an AI-powered solution to scrape public information and government databases on individuals involved in dowry transactions, moving the whole agency from manual operations to 95% automation. This feature enabled the platform to flag any parties with past fraudulent behavior, thereby further enhancing the system’s security.

Smart contracts were also introduced to facilitate and automate the dowry negotiation and registration process. These contracts were programmed to execute when certain pre-agreed conditions were met, increasing transparency and reducing the chances of misinterpretation or exploitation of the agreement.


The collaboration between Kendell & York and the Thai Dowry Foundation led to several significant improvements. The implementation of blockchain technology and smart contracts resulted in a more secure and transparent dowry registration process. Additionally, the AI-powered scraping of public information enabled the foundation to effectively identify and flag potential fraudsters, adding an extra layer of security, while also directly reducing labour by 95%, translating to $118,000 of extra revenue over 6 months.

The streamlined process provided by the blockchain platform helped to restore trust in the tradition and gave all parties involved peace of mind, knowing that the cultural tradition was not being taken advantage of. Moreover, the foundation’s profits from registrations and purchases, which are directed back to Thai rural communities, saw a significant increase, contributing to their fight against human trafficking and poverty​.


The partnership between Kendell & York and the Thai Dowry Foundation illustrates the potential of combining blockchain and AI technologies to address complex societal challenges. By leveraging these technologies, the foundation was able to create a safer and more transparent environment for dowry and bride price practices, effectively combating fraud and abuse while preserving the integrity of the tradition. This case underscores the transformative power of technology in fostering social change and enhancing cultural practices.

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