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Using custom AI Automation Software to reduce labour by 35%, increasing revenue by $378,000 over 12 months for this SEO agency.

Client: Search Riser

Industry: Marketing & Advertising, SEO Agency

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Based in Sydney, SearchRiser is a leading Australian SEO agency helping businesses rank high on search engine results pages to increase their visibility. In a highly competitive digital landscape, they were grappling with increasing labour costs and operational inefficiencies, which took a toll on their profitability.


Operating in an industry marked by rapid changes in algorithms and consumer behaviour, SearchRiser faced numerous challenges. Their operations had become laborious, time-consuming, and cost-inefficient. They were dealing with high labour costs which accounted for a significant portion of their revenue. Additionally, manual tasks were hampering their efficiency, resulting in delayed response times, lower client satisfaction, and lesser bandwidth to take on new clients.


In response to SearchRiser’s challenges, Kendell & York provided a twofold solution. Firstly, we developed a responsive new website platform designed to provide a user-friendly experience and improve customer interaction. However, the most transformative solution was the development of a custom AI automation software, tailored to optimise SearchRiser’s operations.

Our cutting-edge AI software was designed to handle a range of SEO tasks like keyword research, competitor analysis, and SEO audit reporting, as well as focus on strategic thinking and programmatic content creation. The software not only increased efficiency but also offered a predictive analysis feature, which enabled SearchRiser to make data-driven decisions. Moreover, the AI software was created to scale with the growing business, ensuring it remains a sustainable solution for the long term.


The implementation of Kendell & York’s solutions bore tangible and significant results for SearchRiser. Labour costs were reduced by 35% within 12 months of the software integration, equating to an impressive increase in revenue by $378,000 within the same period just from operational efficiencies.

Further, the benefits of our work extended beyond cost savings and revenue growth. SearchRiser also noted an increased work ethic, with tasks previously taking several hours now completed within minutes by the AI software. Client satisfaction improved, owing to faster response times and accurate, data-driven insights.


SearchRiser’s experience is a testament to the transformative power of AI automation in business operations. The collaboration with Kendell & York enabled them to significantly cut labour costs, increase revenue, improve client satisfaction, and make their operations more efficient.

The project underscored how custom-built solutions can equip businesses to tackle industry-specific challenges head-on and optimise their operations for increased profitability. For SearchRiser, this was not just about implementing an AI solution – it was about adopting a new way of doing business, a way that is more aligned with the evolving digital landscape.

Dennon Clamp

Dennon has had a successful career in marketing and advertising that spans over 15 years. With many international awards, he has also started and sold previous start-ups to larger organisations. Dennon is passionate about helping businesses achieve their marketing goals and has a proven track record of increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, and generating leads.